Patient Lifts

Ceiling Lifts

 Designed with the caregiver in mind,  ceiling lifts are perfect for both home use and in healthcare settings. Our ceiling lift systems provide a new sense of confidence to even the toughest patient transfers. We offer a complete line of portable, fixed, free standing and bariatric ceiling lifts. 

Floor Lifts

 We love easy transfers! Floor lifts help you transfer, position, support or lift patients in a variety of scenarios. 

Transfer Aids

 From lateral transfers to repositioning in bed and gait training, AMS offers an extensive line of manual transfer solutions. We make moving easier for healthcare professionals and their patients. 

Ceiling Lifts

P-300 Portable Lifts

Ceiling Lift portable ceiling lift, patient lift

 You save money where you can, and cut corners where you have to – except when it comes to the care of your loved ones. With the P-300 ceiling lift, you can provide care at home affordably and safely – without cutting any corners. Weighing under 7 lbs and with a 300 lb capacity, the P-300 is the lightest and most affordable ceiling lift available. It’s easy to move, easy to use and easy on your wallet. The P-300 is compatible with existing track systems and features problem-free maintenance, easy-to-use controls and impressive safety features. 

P-440 Portable Lift

p-440 ceiling lift, ceiling lift patient lift, hoist

 You can float above it all with the P-440 ceiling lift. Light and agile, it still packs the muscle to help caregivers keep patients out of clinches and move them from corner to corner without ending up on the ropes. Designed to be safely operated by a single caregiver, this champion is lightweight and portable yet capable of benching up to 440 lb (200 kg). Featuring safety mechanisms including over-speed governor, built-in safety limits, slack strap sensor and emergency lowering, the challengers can’t lay a glove on the P-440. 

C-300 Fixed Ceiling Lift

C-300 fixed ceiling lift, ceiling lift, patient lift

 Like your favorite cup from your own coffee maker, the C-300 provides a morning lift that’s as good as the place you have to go out to, but affordable and at-home. The C-300 is ideal for either permanent or temporary needs in an at-home setting. With a low-maintenance design and unique detachable, quick-connection system, moving it between track locations is almost as fast and easy as pouring yourself a hot cup in the morning. 

C-450 Fixed Ceiling Lift

C-450 Ceiling Lift, ceiling lift, patient lift

 The smallest in its class, the C-450 out lifts the big boys with its 450 lb capacity. It’s quiet and smooth, and can be operated by a single caregiver for even the most complex or difficult patient transfers. Featuring waterproof pneumatic controls, on-board controls, and a digital display and emergency power lowering, the C-450 is a tiny titan with the muscle to perform comfort and safety in even the most demanding clinical environments. 

Floor Lifts

Carina 350 Floor Lift

Floor lift, patient lift,

 Carina350 is a foldable, mobile patient lift designed for safe and easy transfer of patients weighing up to 350 lbs (165 kg). It features a narrow and compact design, but still offers a broad lifting range and is suitable for most lifting scenarios. Low and high lifting, seated or recumbent, this lift safely moves your patient with ease. Perfect for family home caregivers providers or healthcare facilities with limited storage space and ideal for relocation between patients, rooms and homes 

Minilift Sit to Stand

floor lift, patient lift, sit to stand, lift

 MiniLift is like no other sit-to-stand device on the market. Its unique design safely moves the patient forward and upward in a natural movement while leg muscles and balance are exercised, providing a secure and active experience. Indoors and out, use MiniLift to assist patients when getting up from wherever they are seated. Fitted with the proper accessories, MiniLift provides support for the feet, lower legs and behind the back, offering safe and secure movement during application. A great choice for commercial and residential use. 

QuickMove Sit to Stand

patient lift, floor lift, sit to stand,

 QuickMove provides easy sit-to-stand transfers. Developed for users with impaired balance and leg strength, QuickMove gets you standing again. QuickMove is versatile enough to be used in either long term care (LTC) or acute care situations, including post-operative care when balance is temporarily impaired. Both users and caregivers love QuickMove for the extra security and stability it provides for those who can still bear weight and assist in the transfer. It’s all about moving users where they need to go with peace of mind while encouraging mobility. 

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