Vehicle Lifts

Keep you mobility device with you, inside your vehicle or out. Sales and service of all wheelchair vehicle lifts, AMS provides reliable scooter or wheelchair lifts for cars and SUV's. We also sell a full line of wheelchair lifts for trucks that are not hitch mounted.  Find out today what the best solution is for your vehicle.

Types of Lifts

Outside Lifts

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Hybrid Lifts

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Hoist and Truck Lifts

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How to Select a Lift

Lift/Vehicle Compatibility

 Vehicles range from compacts to full-size cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks. Each offers different weight capacities and interior space, affecting the mobility device it can carry and whether the mobility device can fit inside the vehicle or outside. 

User Capability

 Auto lifts are designed with varying degrees of automation from manual to partially automated to fully automatic securement and lifting. The user should feel comfortable and capable of handling whatever that specific lift style requires. 

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